The day Hyderabad, 3rd August 2018 embarked the commencement of the International Blockchain Congress. This event was India’s largest industry-blockchain. This event was co-hosted by Niti Aayog, Govt. of Telangana, Govt of Goa and Nucleus Vision. This event was a two-day long event on 3rd August and 4th August, many Crypto, and Blockchain influencers and enthusiasts from all around the globe came to this event and the second day of the event witnessed 3000+ registered attendees.

Objective of the event:

The event main objective was to bring thought-provoking conversation on Blockchain for next-generation services, its use cases, developing blockchain applications for government services and put in place regulations and guidelines and to bring innovators, regulators together under one roof to share expertise and knowledge, create a collaborative environment as well as to build a strong community.


The first edition of the event on day 1 at Hyderabad hotel Novotel and Hicc Complex main Hall was addressed by distinguished guests such as Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Aayog, Mr. KT Rama Rao, IT Minister, State of Telangana, Mr. Rohan Khaunte, IT Minister, Goa, Mr. CP Gurnani,
CEO Tech Mahindra, Tim Draper, Founder of DFJ Ventures, Min Kim, CEO of ICON Foundation, Mr. Ted Lin, Binance, Mr. Ian Balina, Global Community Influencer, and many others.


Mr. Rama Iyer, CEO Eleven01 Foundation, said, “Eleven01 is an emerging market centric blockchain protocol with government compliance standards, which serves as a foundation for decentralized applications. This will create a blockchain ecosystem and build a nation-centric procedure which is custom built for the country’s needs. I thank Nucleus.Vision and Tech Mahindra for initiating this and bring it to fruition.”

Abhishek Pitti, CEO, Nucleus Vision, added, “We created the International Blockchain Congress to create an ecosystem and showcase India to the world Blockchain community successfully. The participation of internationally acclaimed speakers, informative and engaging sessions, and several networking events, the International Blockchain Congress helped forge synergies between important government leaders, industry
experts, influencers, and the community in general. We are sure the 2nd edition will be much bigger and will attract more people to the congress.”

3000+ attendees: 

International Blockchain Congress witnessed tremendous enthusiasm and participants appreciated the interaction between govt. regulators, blockchain startups, influencers all at a single place.

Indian startup Nucleus Vision Overview:

Talking about Nucleus Vision is an IoT & Blockchain based, contactless identification system, using nCash cryptocurrency to enable transactions across the retail ecosystem. NUCLEUS VISION is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously un-accessed data to retailers and other ‘brick and mortar’ businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real-time sensor technology.

The launch of the Eleven01 protocol:

Amongst many other projects of this two-day long conference, a project by Tech Mahindra named Eleven01 was Introduced in the IT and Blockchain market. TheEleven01 is a protocol. It is an emerging market centric blockchain protocol which has the sole purpose to behave as a foundation for decentralised applications. This furthermore contributes to the vision of making India the blockchain capital of the world. The head developersTech Mahindra will act as a base for the Eleven01 protocol that they developed so that the involved 50 colleges and multiple startups can stack their ideas and visions to make this a success.Nucleus.Vision, one of the startups, an organization with a bright vision and outstanding business reach is one of the many who will contribute to this initiative.

Eleven01 partnered with Tech Mahindra:

To help and alleviate the Eleven01 protocol the Eleven01 foundation which is comprised of all the members (colleges, startups and the parent company alike) is a force working to establish the dominance of blockchain in the industry. This protocol is first of its kind and apart from the technological collaboration with Tech Mahindra, a prestigious name, it has also enlisted the involvement of the government compliance. The limit will be decided as the protocol progresses but it will be certain. The foundation has admitted to planning a few initiatives to accelerate the progress of blockchain domination in the Indian economy. Key partnerships for the Eleven01 foundation include Tech Mahindra, Nucleus Vision, ICRISAT, Government of Telangana, CGG, Commonwealth Youth Innovation Center, T-hub, and ESCI.

The startups involved in the Eleven01 movement have shown positive feedback and believe in the vision that the protocol has proposed.
Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, said, “Eleven01 is a significant step in powering India’s Blockchain revolution. I am very excited about the partnership between Eleven01 and Tech Mahindra. With this, we finally have an indigenous solution from India that meets global standards. This initiative puts India on the global frontier of Blockchain development.”

CP Gurnani, Tech Mahindra’s CEO & MD said, “Eleven01 is an ambitious initiative which will put India right at the center of the global Blockchain landscape. It will power the Indian blockchain ecosystem and create exponential value for all stakeholders, we are proud to play a pivotal role in this pursuit of excellence. Clearly, it is time for India to leapfrog into the leader’s orbit in next-generation technologies like Blockchain”

The strategic partnership between Tech Mahindra and Nucleus Vision:

Tech Mahindra is a leading provider of digital information announced a strategic partnership between India’s biggest blockchain company Nucleus Vision at International Blockchain Congress Hyderabad. Tech Mahindra will provide the technology expertise to broaden Nucleus.Vision’s business reach, and will leverage its telecom affiliates to promote the offering at a global level. This strategic partnership marks the beginning of Nucleus.Vision’s global expansion strategy and Tech Mahindra’s foray into the blockchain.

CP Gurnani, CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra said, “We are happy to announce a robust collaboration with Nucleus Vision to foster innovation and growth in the Blockchain space. This collaboration is a testimony of Tech Mahindra’s commitment to enable, guide and support start-ups and companies leveraging next-gen technologies. The aim of this partnership is to harness Blockchain led innovation, and to channelize it globally, by giving access to our vast and expansive customer ecosystem.”

Abhishek Pitti, CEO, Nucleus Vision said, “Our product is highly customizable and has use cases across several verticals. We have proven its use and benefit in the retail space, and by having this partnership with Tech Mahindra, we will be reaching out to a vast and global network. Their global telecom affiliate partnerships is perhaps one of the biggest networks in the world, and this partnership will enrich the overall Nucleus Vision ecosystem in a phenomenal way.”

Panel Discussion in the event:

Many discussions took place at IBC, some of the notable discussion were “Ushering Mass Blockchain Adoption-the India Way” which included panelists Rama Iyer, India CEO, Eleven01 Foundation(Moderator), Yaduvendra Mathur, Additional Secretary to Government of India, Niti Aayog, Mr Ameya Abhyankar, Secretary(IAS), Department of IT, Government of Goa, Dr. Chandra Shekhar Kumar, Principal Secretary(IAS), Government of Odisha, Prof. Vedulla Venkata Ramana, Vice Chairman, Telangana State Council of Higher Education(TSCHE)
“Building and Retaining Large Retail Investor Communities” which included panelist like Ran Neu Ner, Founder, LLH Capital(Moderator), Ian Balina, Founder and General Partner, 100X Partners, Michael Suppo, Cryptocurrency Investor, Evangelist and Youtuber, Raghavendra Hunasgi, Founder, Blockchain Nation and AsiaInc500, Oleg Ivanov, Co-Founder, Crypto Bazar, Jesse Tevelow, Co-founder, BLOCKTEAM  and Managing partner, BlockTeam Ventures.


Many sponsors were there including Eleven01, Altonomy, Binary Finacial, Host, Binance, Icon etc.

Cnbc Crypto Trader is a show by CNBC hosted by Ran Neu Nar covered all the event story and took interviews of the notable persons in Blockchain and crypto industry to take their views about Indian Blockchain Ecosystem.
You can watch the video from this LINK





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