We did an interview with Mr Abhimanyu Kashyap, Community Growth Manager, Global, Alluma to understand Alluma’s plan of Bounty Campaign to attract more users to its exchange, which is planned to launch within the next 2 months for the public.

Without making you wait much, we’ll get right into it!

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Tusshar Aggarwal – Can you tell us what exactly is Alluma?

Abhimanyu Kashyap – Alluma is the first institutional grade cryptocurrency dedicated to newcomers & pros across the emerging markets in Asia. Albeit our small feet, we will launch in India & Philippines. The jewel of our organization – the native token,  LUMA (an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain) will be launched as well. The purpose of this token system is to fuel membership-based loyalty program alongside the token sale platform, and also the training academy.

TA – Mr Abhimanyu, can you tell us more about what is a bounty?

AK – A Bounty is essentially an incentivized reward program offered by companies to individuals for completing a specific task (such as bug reporting or sharing a social post). Alluma is launching a range of bounty campaigns, over a specified period, in return for a defined number of LUMA tokens.

TA – Why are you, as the Community Growth Manager and more specifically your organization, Alluma doing a bounty?

AK – The vast groups of our followers and members have been insistently enquiring about a bounty program. I’d like to tell you that we have over 20k followers on our Twitter/Facebook accounts and approximately 12k members on our telegram. When a group of people this large asks for something, you have to take their demands into consideration. That’s why we have decided to launch a bounty program and hopefully, it will deliver expected results.

TA – Can you talk to us about much capital Alluma putting into bounties?

AK – 1% of our total token raise/revenue, which is around $220,000 USD goes to bounties & rewards that are distributed to those who have won them. The program is divided into phases and the first phase of this program allocates over 1,500,000 LUMA tokens ($80,000 USD equivalent at $0.05 cents each), to start with.

TA – Please tell us more about the different bounty campaigns?

AK – The bounty campaigns will be of different, extensive natures. They will cover multiple grounds like – spreading awareness about Alluma on social media network, others will focus on signing-up and trading within the exchange.

Abhimanyu Kashyap Alluma Bounty Campaign Mr Crypto India
Abhimanyu Kashyap speaking at Alluma Crypto Meetup in Bangalore


If someone wants to know more or participate, they can do so by following this LINK.

TA – Would you tell us how does the first bounty work? You recently announced a partnership, can you give us more details?

AK – The very first phase of bounty will run for a total of 4 weeks. Due the course of these specifics four weeks, you can easily win tokens. How to do that? You can simply follow us on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Or you can make videos to be posted and spread on YouTube. In general, any sort of social media assistance is notable.

  • To ensure the organization and transparency of our campaign, we have recently partnered up with Bounty0x. They have made their name in the business by being credible to blockchain and crypto projects like Civic, BeeToken, Ink and many more. We understand that the matter of information in form of spreadsheets is subject to shaky credibility, that’s why we have decided to partner with the most reliable resource.
  • The first step is to create an account with BountyOx. You may do that as a Hunter. It is an easy, fast process. 
  • The distribution of our tokens will be done at the distal end of our public sale and will be released via BountyOx to maintain transparency in the process.

TA – If I were to go ahead and do as you just explained, can you tell me when do I get my tokens?

AK – The tokens are strictly distributed after the end of the public sale. Not before. Not during. You will receive yours as soon as it does end. It might take a while but not more than a week.

TA – Do the customers have to do KYC (Know Your Customer) to participate?

AK – Yes. KYC is a legal requirement and all customers are required to fill it out. It is a standard procedure mandatory for all Alluma proceedings. You can fill out your on BountyOx.

TA – Would you mind explaining what each LUMA token worth?

AK – LUMA is worth exactly $0.05  at TGE price

TA – We have heard there are certain countries restricted. Can you tell us which ones and why?

AK – Due to jurisdiction constraints, persons from restricted countries are not eligible to participate in this bounty program.

TA – Please share more about the types of bounties you are promoting.

AK – The multiple approach bounty program is going on strong at the moment and is serving its purpose but we will be expanding our horizons beyond social media soon.

Our social media bounties include:

  • Telegram: For joining, referring others and participation in meaningful Telegram discussions.
  • Twitter: For following and retweeting (including company specified hashtags)
  • Facebook: For posting and sharing Alluma posts.
  • BitcoinTalk Participation: Creating and commenting on Alluma threads.
  • Alluma Medium Bounty: LUMA tokens awarded for writing and reviewing Alluma on Medium.com.
  • Alluma YouTube Video Contest: The intent is to post YouTube videos with positive content regarding Alluma. It’s a contest, so only the top 10 Hunters ( users ) will be considered
  • Alluma YouTube Video Contest in Hindi: Same contest, but the content must be in Hindi.
  • Alluma Steemit Bounty: You will earn LUMA tokens for sharing, upvoting and crafting content about Alluma on Steemit

The content ranges on Bitcointalk, Medium.com ( articles ) and YouTube videos are subject to receiving token according to the quality. Pertaining to higher quality, higher numbers of tokens will be awarded.

TA – It was great discussing with you regarding the Bounty Campaign & Alluma’s plans, we wish you all the best!

AK – Thanks for having me here for an interview with Mr Crypto India, wish you guys all the best as well. Also, I would like to inform that we are launching our Beta Program as well.

If someone wants to know more or participate, they can do so by following this LINK.

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