Binance exchange the most trusted exchange all over the world in cryptocurrency space with a daily trade volume of $103090631 according to Coinmarketcap won trust of all crypto enthusiast  people, we can trade freely here with no worries as all our funds are SAFU because Binance Founder believes in long-term business, so talking about Binance why and how it is so popular exchange.

Binance exchange has an excellent customer support throughout all channels whether it be a Reddit, Twitter or their telegram group, they have some good team to handle all the customer queries within minutes, good customer support is must for winning the trust of its customers.

Binance has an awesome security, customer feel very secured when trading on Binance, recently two major incident happened , first incident was of via coin where via increased a lot in value due to API hack, their internal system halted deposits and withdrawal immediately so that no other major loss can happen and Binance rewarded its customers with free trading fee for limited time and the second incident was of sys hack in which irregular trading happened on Binance and then Binance took steps, they announced system maintenance and suspended withdrawals and as a result Binance took some important steps-
1. Resetting all API keys.
2. Rollback of the sys trades.
3. For the users who got affected by the sys trade, Binance offered them zero trading fee for a limited period of time.
4. For all Binance users 70 % rebate in the form of Bnb for a limited period of time.
5. They encouraged its customers to open support ticket who got affected by sys.

Binance Exchange Created Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)

In addition to this Binance exchange has also formed  SAFU, it’s a cold wallet where 10 % of the trading fee will be deposited and to be used in extreme cases to protect users in worst scenarios.
SAFU became a meme when a YouTuber uploaded a video and mentioned the word SAFU, watch that video from here :

Binance has a good UI/UX, the user enjoys while trading on app or website, charts are very good and they conduct giveaways from time to time to encourage users, it also has multiple language options.

Binance exchange


Recently flood hit to West Japan, dozens dead and many people are missing then Binance Ceo CZ announced to give away 1 million dollars for West Japan flood relief.

Binance exchange
TheirWest Japan Disaster Relief Donation:

Talking about Binance Exchange Ceo CZ

1. He is a man with a lot of technological backgrounds previously he worked with many companies one is
2. He got some good leadership skills, that he shows time to time whether it be at a time of via irregular trading or sys irregular trading.
3. He interacts with users on all his social platforms whether it be on Twitter or Instagram.
4. He also participates in Blockchain events to encourage people about Blockchain Technology, recently he visited Techcrunch organized event on blockchain technology, the event main focus was to bring startup/business to come together and explore about the potential of Blockchain tech.
5. He is a man with a big heart as well he does charities and give the rebate to his customers.

Binance exchange
6. In cryptocurrency space, many people have twitter profile written moon or mars but Binance Ceo lives on earth that shows how down to earth his nature is.
Binance exchange

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