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About Us

We are a global media portal & community to spread awareness about Bitcoin, Blockchain, the technology, use-cases, research, latest developments, trading strategies, analysis of projects, explore new ideas, risks associated & safety measures. A team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockchain technology supporters and investors, we aim to provide a steady stream of reliable information that will help you navigate the exciting world of cryptocurrency. If you’re simply curious about the tech or need an in-depth analysis of the current market trends, our contributors are happy to help.

Making the first steps in this budding industry can be intimidating, but having expert advice from people with years of experience in the cryptocurrency field will make a huge difference. Follow us for the latest cryptocurrency news, blockchain updates and market analysis.

Mr Crypto India was founded in 2017 with the main aim to educate people about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, Blockchain tech is at a very nascent stage and we all know Blockchain is here to stay, this tech is not going anywhere so it’s very important to learn about this new and emerging tech.

We at MCI, try to bring only the most genuine news to you which has been verified multiple times by us so that our users do not suffer due to wrong information. We publish only the most trusted news. Our articles on technology are backed by hours of in-depth research done by our team and a lot of editing before it finally appears on our website.

You can be assured that any information that you get on our website is and will always be true to the best of our knowledge.

We have introduced an option to post your own articles as well so that people from the community can contribute back, & complete credits are always given to the writer. You can Post – Articles, Jobs & Events on our website completely free of cost!

Mr Crypto India is all about the community!